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NetBSD for the Advanced Minimalist, Ivan "Rambius" Ivanov
2024-03-06 @ 17:45 EST (22:45 UTC) - NYU Tandon Engineering Building (new), 370 Jay St, 7th Floor kitchen area, Brooklyn (directly across Jay St from National Grid office). Closest subway exits in order are Jay St - MetroTech Station (A, C, R, & F Trains) Borough Hall (4 & 5 Trains).
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This talk grew out of the experience of going on vacation with only a $100 Pinebook and trying, and succeeding to get work done.

Roughly the topics will be:

  1. Installation and Updates - possibly automating them
  2. Setup after the first boot
    1. Battery monitoring with envsys framework
    2. tmux - the "GUI" of choice
    3. Network connectivity and wireless
    4. sudo setup
  3. pkgin and binary packages
  4. Email with mutt
  5. Using external media - USB sticks and CDs/DVDs - with and without sudo
  6. Audio
    1. Ripping CDs
    2. Various audio formats
    3. Podcasts
  7. Typesetting
    1. Typesetting with *roff
    2. Typesetting with tex / latex

I don't want to give a list of tools only. I would like to discuss more about how they work - for example battery monitoring uses envsys framework that can read various sensors and I have a sample program to demonstrate it. Envsys can react when sensors reach critical values - for exampe when the battery is almost depleted or when the CPU gets hot. Email needs authentication - what the various options are. Wifi - wpa_supplicant is great if you use just a couple of networks, for example work and home; how we scan for wireless networks, how we sniff them.

Ivan Ivanov is a Bulgarian software developer currently working for a financial company in New York City.

Offsite Participation: We plan to stream via NYC*BUG Website unless the speaker requests otherwise. Q&A will be via IRC on channel #nycbug - Please preface your questions with '[Q]'


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