Meetings and Events

"PEP-517 in FreeBSD Ports: design, architecture and how to use", first reading and discussion, Charlie Li
2023-09-06 @ 18:45 EDT (22:45 UTC) - Five Mile Stone, 1640 2nd Ave (northeat corner of 2nd Ave and 85th St, 2nd Floor). Please note the stairs to the second floor are on the north wall as you enter from 2nd Ave.

After my programme at this year's BSDCan on clash of the package managers, using the integration of Python's PEP-517 standard into FreeBSD Ports to illustrate challenges, nuances and schemes between different systems, it was suggested that a FreeBSD Journal article be written to provide some more detail on PEP-517 integration specifically. Given that it took about a year to actually commit, much of which did not involve writing any code, we take a dive into the design and architectural decisions that resulted in the committed form, as well as future considerations.

Charlie Li is FreeBSD Ports committer focusing on GTK-based desktops, Python stuff, a little Rust and of course ham radio (callsign: K3CL). Sometimes works at a transit agency. Otherwise lurking across eastern PA with occasional trolling elsewhere.

Offsite Participation: We plan to stream via NYC*BUG Website unless the speaker requests otherwise. Q&A will be via IRC on channel #nycbug - Please preface your questions with '[Q]'