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July Social Event & Open Mic, Could be You!
2023-07-12 @ 18:45 - Five Mile Stone at 1640 2nd Ave (northeast Corner of 2nd Ave and 85th St, 2nd floor). Please note the stairs to the second floor are on the north wall as you enter from 2nd Ave.

Come on down to the Five Mile Stone Wednesday night to see if anyone has brought an fun project they have been working on or possibly show off something you have discovered. The streaming gear will be there, so if anyone has anything they would like to present, then you are more than welcome.

Possible topics:

  • "Hey, check out this cool util I found to save myself some time!"
  • "Has anyone seen *this specific weirdness before?!"
  • "The one editor to rule them all!" (This brave soul will want to come prepared with a raincoat)

Either way, we will be there, the beer will be cold and the stories will flow. Hope you can make it.

Offsite Participation: We plan to stream via NYC*BUG Website unless the speaker requests otherwise. Q&A will be via IRC on channel #nycbug - Please preface your questions with '[Q]'


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