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Extreme scripting with KSH and AWK, G Clifford Williams
2021-09-08 @ 19:45 EDT (23:45 UTC) - Zoom

Have you ever wanted to learn AWK? I mean, really really dig in and be able to do things with AWK that most people didn't know was possible? If your answer was "YEAH!!", calm down it's just scripting not saving the planet or anything. If your answer was "no", tough toggle switches because that's what we'll be covering. We're going to push AWK to its limits and beyond. Then we'll do the exact same with a specific shell command dialect known as KSH93/Korn Shell.

Obviously time won't allow us to cover every corner of the language in depth but you'll definitely learn enough to get up and running on your own with plenty of resources to help fill in the gaps. When I say up and running think "...with scissors". We'll start right off with the powerful features using no safety nets. This goes beyond "tips and tricks" and directly to the extreme.

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