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Fifteen Years and Fifteen Minutes: Applying Occam's Razor to FreeBSD with OccamBSD, Michael Dexter
2021-02-03 @ 17:45 EST (22:45 UTC) - Zoom ( is a script that builds a minimum FreeBSD u serland and kernel using build options, for use with bhyve(8) and jail(8). The result takes minutes t o build and seconds to boot, but achieving this simple objective required fifteen+ years of experimen tation, error reporting, and gentle persuasion. This talk will touch on the milestones leading to occ, the role of build options as part of the fundamental FreeBSD value proposition, the mysteri ous build_option_survey, in action, and your insightful questions.

Michael is best known in NYC*BUG circles for his help via BSD Fund as the fiscal sponsor of NYC*BSD Con 2010 and has organized the Portland Linux/Unix Group ( since that same time. Michael provides TrueNAS and OpenZFS support from Portland, Oregon side-by-side with this wife, three kids, dog, and hamster.

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