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Chatting About TLS and Orcs, Michael W. Lucas
2021-01-06 @ 17:45 EST (22:45 UTC) - Zoom

Mr. Lucas will be doing some readings from his forthcoming book on TLS. We promise that this meeting will be entertaining, although NYC*BUG can make no assurances about the accuracy of the data. While his jokes will likely drop like lead zeppelins, we are convinced you will be at least entertained.

Michael W. Lucas' name may ring a bell for some in the BSD community. He's written several shelves of books. But for anyone who has seen him speak in public during Ante COVID days, it was clear they are mere transcriptions of his rambling presentations. For this NYC*BUG meeting, he is unlikely to edit out any of his expected corny jokes we endure during his conference presentations.

More likely, you know his name from his grotesque horror fiction. In the same way his technical books are just transcriptions of his presentations, his fictionaal horror is just a simple reflection of someone who lives in a haunted house filled with (pet) rats in Detroit.

Besides, who doesn't need another video meeting planned for Wednesday January 6?

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