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Ensuring Perl's Viability on FreeBSD: A NYCBUG-NY.PM Collaboration, James E Keenan, Andrew Villano
2018-11-07 @ 18:30 - Suspenders, 108 Greenwich Street, 2nd Floor

How have NYCBUG and New York Perlmongers collaborated to ensure the continued viability of Perl 5 on FreeBSD?

This will be a report on the progress of a collaboration between the New York City BSD User Group (NYCBUG) and New York Perlmongers ( to ensure the continued viabilty of the Perl 5 programming language and ecosystem on the FreeBSD operating system. We'll consider:

  • The Perl 5 core distribution and development process
  • Testing the Perl 5 core distribution on various platforms
  • The Perl 5 ecosystem: CPAN
  • Testing CPAN on various platforms: CPANtesters
  • The Perl 5 development process in relation to CPAN
  • The need for diversity in testing environments
  • The collaboration
  • Preparation of the testing environment
  • Testing Perl monthly development releases against CPAN on FreeBSD
  • Impacts
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