Meetings and Events

Subdo, Ibsen S. Ripsbusker
2018-10-03 @ 18:30 EDT (22:30 UTC) - Suspenders, 108 Greenwich St, 2nd Floor

Subdo installs packages such that your main user (the "super") has the right to run the program through doas, sudo, or ssh as a user dedicated to the particular program (the "sub"), group information and filesystem access are configured accordingly.

Here are some reasons you might want to do this.

While it is technically quite different, subdo has been compared to Android, chroot, jails, containers, and virtual machines.

subdo protects against many bugs and naive malwares, but vulnerabilities are known for usage of subdo with the doas and sudo backends and for usage of X programs through subdo.

Ibsen S. Ripsbusker is a berry farmer. He mostly grows currants, but he also grows other berries. He has been developing Unix-like software as a hobby for 15 years.