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Infrastructure in a Post-Cloud Era, Isaac (.ike) Levy
2016-11-02 @ 18:45 EDT (22:45 UTC) - Woolworth Building, 233 Broadway, 21st Floor
Notice: Location Change

With a *BSD-minded perspective, we'll walk through the money and administrative ends of deploying cloud infrastructure, and compare it to experiences in colocation.

Building modern internet applications is challenging; so why are so many technology companies relinquishing control over their technology? The public clouds, after all, are just computers owned by somebody else.

This presentation contains real data crunched by data scientists, to help cut through marketing hype. Also covered, strategies and approaches to help you keep your stack "infrastructure agnostic", as well as strategies to make cloud metered costs less opaque.

Note: This material was previously presented at LHMK, April 2016 - and will be presented assuming a technical audience.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, ike's background includes partnering to run a Virtual Server ISP before anyone called it a cloud, as well as having a long history building internet-facing infrastructure with UNIX systems.

NYC startup veteran, and a long-time community contributor to the *BSD UNIX family, ike has grown computing infrastructure from a hand-full of virtual servers, to full-datacenter scale internet-facing infrastructure for a number of growth stage startups.

.ike has been a part of NYC*BUG since it was first launched in January 2004, was a long-time member of the Lower East Side Mac Unix User Group. He has spoken frequently on a number of UNIX and internet security topics at various venues, particularly on the topic of FreeBSD's jail(8), and his involvement in the OPNsense router firewall project.