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Adventures in HardenedBSD, Shawn Webb
2016-06-15 @ 18:45 EDT (22:45 UTC) - Stone Creek Bar & Lounge, 140 E 27th St +
Notice: Not the usual first Wednesday

This last year has been an amazing one for HardenedBSD.

We're now around 1.5 years old (though our codebase has existed for longer) and we're starting to get noticed. This presentation talks about the cool things we're doing in exploit mitigation development and OPNSense integration.

You'll hear where we've come from, what we're doing now, and where we'll be headed in the next year. Included will be discussions of ASLR, W^X, PIE + RELRO, and a few other lower-level tidbits in exploit mitigation development.

Shawn is a security engineer for G2, Inc. He is also the cofounder of HardenedBSD and one of its lead engineers. He was introduced into the security industry as a teenager, falling in love with both offensive and defensive security. Shawn has written tools like libhijack, which aims to make runtime process infection dead simple on Linux and FreeBSD. Now he works primarily on the defensive end, implementing exploit mitigation technologies in HardenedBSD.