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Life with an OpenBSD Laptop, Isaac (.ike) Levy
2015-02-10 @ 17:45 EST (22:45 UTC) - Stone Creek Bar & Lounge, 140 E 27th St +

Have you ever been OpenBSD-curious?

"OpenBSD is thought of by many security professionals as the most secure UNIX-like operating system, as the result of a never-ending comprehensive source code security audit." Yet, whether OpenBSD is right for you is a question that only you can answer.

I'll share my practical experiences transitoning from Mac life to OpenBSD- the good, bad, and the ugly. For over 15 years, Mac OSX was "the computer I physically touch". I build infrastructure, and the computers I care about most, I rarely physically touch- servers on the internet. These servers provide me the leading edge of computer security, networking, cryptography, filesystems- all from Open and auditable codebases...

I decided I'd had enough with my laptop being the ironic weakest link in my digital ecosystem.

Forget religous debates about Operating Systems- I simply set out to build an Open Source, Stable, Securable, and full-featured laptop. And I was delighted that id doesn't suck to use!

Isaac (.ike) Levy is a crusty UNIX Hacker.

A long-time community contributor to the *BSD's, ike is obsessed with high-availability and redundant networked servers systems, mostly because he likes to sleep at night. Standing on the shoulders of giants, his background includes partnering to run a Virtual Server ISP before anyone called it a cloud, as well as having a long history building internet-facing infrastructure with UNIX systems.

.ike has been a part of NYC*BUG since it was first launched in January 2004. He was a long-time member of the Lower East Side Mac Unix User Group, and is still in denial that this group no longer exists. He has spoken frequently on a number of UNIX and internet security topics at various venues, particularly on the topic of FreeBSD's jail(8).