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unHoliday Meeting: Be a Grinch about Your Tech Gripe, n/a
2012-12-05 @ 17:45 EST (22:45 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant

For the past several years, our holiday party has been filled with the notion of giving back to the community: your tips, your hacks, your thoughts.

So many people have proved selfless and assisted others that we feel it's time for a change. Let's be honest, we need a time to vent, and there's no reason the holiday season should be immune.

What are your gripes in technology? What do you hate dealing with at your job? Is it some high- (or low-) level scripting language? Some clunky and un-Unix-like application? Dealing with an underdocumented and buggy non-BSD operating system?

Well, here's your chance to let others know how you feel. Prepare a ten minute or so presentation, with maybe a slide or two, and make your case. Be coherent and to-the-point, and maybe others will jump aboard with your argument.

Ping admin@ with your idea, and we look forward to having a meeting which let's us vent out very unholiday season gripes.