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Networking by Example with the Packet Construction Set, George Neville-Neil
2012-06-06 @ 18:45 EDT (22:45 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant

PCS is a set of Python classes and libraries that is currently used for network security and conformance testing. The purpose of PCS is to allow the programmer to express themselves more naturally in network code. All of the bit shifting and low level manipulation usually associated with network programming is handled by the library, allowing the programmer to treat packets as objects, with fields that directly mirror the ones described in IETF and IEEE documents.

To date PCS has been used to test several protocols, including IGMPv3, IPv4, IPv6, The Precision Time Protocol, Yahoo Messenger and several others.

In this talk I will cover the basics of PCS, how to get started with it, and how to use it in your own work.

George Neville-Neil works on networking and operating system code for fun and profit. He also teaches various course on subjects related to computer programming. His professional areas of interest include code spelunking, operating systems, networking and security. He is the co-author with Marshall Kirk McKusick of The Design and Implementaion of the FreeBSD operating system and is the columnist behind ACM Queue's "Kode Vicious."