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Cassandra LAN Party, NYC Cassandra User Group
2012-01-26 @ 17:30 EST (22:30 UTC) - Media6 Degrees

Media6 Degrees

37 East 18th Street , New York, NY


This is a special event held by the NYC Cassandra User Group which we're participating in.

This is a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) event! Rather doing a presentation we will setup a multi-datacenter, multi-node environment in a confined lab environment. Cassandra NYC will provide the switches, the virtual machine image, the soda, and chips. We will then use our laptops to set up a 3 datacenter (simulating New York, Japan, France) cassandra cluster with as many laptops as people bring. This event is ideal for those who have never setup Cassandra and want to learn how to setup real world deployments. However, it is also going to be fun for those that have worked with cassandra before, because lets be real, setting up and playing with a multi-node Cassandra cluster is always fun! To help organized this event it is semi-important for us to have a rough count of how many laptops we will have available. If you register chose bringing 1 guest if you plan to bring your laptop to the LAN party. (We will provide a VM image on a pen drive)