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TCL, Marc Spitzer
2012-03-07 @ 18:45 EST (23:45 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant

TCL is a language that is well handy to know and a very good choice for a system admin to know. It has the following things going for it:

  • Simple to learn and very stable over time
  • embedded in Cisco IOS
  • expect, all of your command line is belonging to me
  • start kits, or how to deploy fat multi-platform binaries
  • helpful community
  • Code is data so you can do very powerful things
  • Unicode since 8.0, long time ago
  • TK
  • you can create your own control structures
  • very consistent language things work pretty much the same everywhere
  • Did I mention the event loop?

Marc Spitzer has been working as a system administrator on Unix systems for long enough that he does not want to think about it. He likes things that quietly work allowing him to do other stuff, FreeBSD comes to mind here. He is also rather fond of good bourbon and rye whiskey. Since he does not like self promotion, he shall stop now.