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Free Database Systems: What They Should Be, And Why You Should Care, James Lowden
2011-11-02 @ 18:30 EDT (22:30 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant

Open source databases depressingly mimic proprietary ones. They compete on "features". They don`t share code or ideas. They don;t formulate a standard a la the IETF and then strive for interoperability. And they are not working toward creating a true RDBMS.

RDMBSs are important and technically challenging. Its time to bring database management systems -- MySQL, Firebird, Postgres, Ingres, Rel, MonetDB, SQLite, sapdb, et al. -- into the Internet age. Lets use the tools that made the Internet possible to get out of the database doldrums.

Goals for free DMBSs:

James K. Lowden works in quantitative research systems at AllianceBernstein. He began working with C, C++, and SQL around 1985, and NetBSD since 1.5. In his copious spare time he has for many years been the maintainer of the FreeTDS project (