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Clang on FreeBSD, ADAM David Alan Martin
2011-10-05 @ 18:45 EDT (22:45 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant

ADAM has been using Unix systems since early childhood (truth be told he can hardly remember using anything but). He messed with Rogue and Larn and even a C program or two on old SunOS 4 and 4.4BSD based systems at his dad's office in the early 1990s. Shortly after the Y2K problem, the Linux User Group at Case Western Reserve University (where nobody actually seemed to run Linux!) first exposed him to FreeBSD. He now tinkers with a lot of different bits of FreeBSD, but he vacillates between being too lazy and too obstreperous in his insistence on C++ to get a commit bit. He still jests that he's really a Computer Physicist, despite abandoning Physics for Computer Science in 2003. He's always been easy to spot at conferences -- find the guy with the unique hat. (It's different every few years.)

He worked in Erez Zadok's FileSystem and Storage Laboratory at SUNY Stony Brook, mostly writing code for linux, but he did take on a Google Summer of Code project for FreeBSD with the Lab. Currently he works for FalconStor Software, Inc. writing Deduplication engines for Linux platforms. Somehow he always seems to wind up writing more code for Linux than FreeBSD systems. His specialties are Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics & Statistics. Some penguins may have been harmed in the writing of this bio.