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Holiday Meeting: Your Tips as Presents, n/a
2009-12-02 @ 18:15 EST (23:15 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant +
Notice: Slightly later meeting time!

December's meeting will be an opportunity for an array of people to illustrate their Unix hacks.

In August, Dru Lavigne started a thread on NYCBUG's talk about "fave BSD tips/tricks?" that brought out some good discussion. We see this meeting as a follow-up, and an opportunity to give your hacks "back to the community" as a holiday gift.

Please submit your one page PDF to admin@, with one, two, or even three simple tips. It might be simple and seemingly stupid, but it could save a few minutes a day for another developer or sysadmin in the meeting.

It could be a creatively piped set of commands, or a simple script that you run through periodic to prevent headaches. The field is wide open.

We will schedule a handful of ten minute or so speakers, and let the crowd take it from there.