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FreeBSD 8.0 New Release and Virtualized Networking for All, George Neville-Neil
2009-11-04 @ 17:45 EST (22:45 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant +

The release of FreeBSD 8.0 brings with it many new features but none has been more anticipated than the full integration of network stack virtualization into the system. Virtualized network stacks have the potential to revolutionize the use of FreeBSD in the same way that Jails did, by providing a lightweight mechanism through which multiple clients or customers can use a system`s networking resources without interfering with each other. My talk will cover not only network virtualization but also all of the other features and improvements that are present in FreeBSD 8.0.

George Neville-Neil works on operating systems and networking for fun and profit. He is the co-author with Marshall Kirk McKusick of The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System as well as the column Kode Vicious.