Meetings and Events

ZFS on FreeBSD, Ike & Yarema
2008-04-02 @ 19:30 EDT (23:30 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant

Ike & Yarema will tag-team this meeting.

ZFS - the breakthrough file system in FreeBSD 7 (ported from Sun's Solaris 10 Operating System) delivers virtually unlimited capacity, provable data integrity, and near-zero administration. However FreeBSD's sysinstall(8) does not yet support installing the system onto anything more exotic than a commonly used UFS partition scheme. Furthermore, FreeBSD's boot loader(8) cannot yet load the kernel and modules from ZFS.

This meeting will cover installing FreeBSD 7.0 on ZFS as the root filesystem with a boot partition on a GEOM gmirror. Attendees are encouraged to read, download and try the zfsboot scripts here. The rational behind the zfsboot script will be demystified and an install will be demonstrated. Anyone who brings a (minimum 1 Gig) USB thumb drive can go home with a bootable "root on ZFS" installer. Anyone who brings a hard drive can go home with FreeBSD installed on a ZFS root.

Yarema has been a FreeBSD administrator for more than a decade. A contributor to the FreeBSD ports collection. Likes to mouth off about his latest exploits with the OS only to be rewarded by getting "volunteered" to do a lecture at an upcoming NYC*BUG meeting.

Ike has been orbiting NYCBUG since the beginning. Not only does he not think within the box, he doesn't even know there is a box. He used to give talks on jail(8) in New York, but since he's been banned from it, he is forced to do them for other unsuspecting BSD users at conferences like AsiaBSDCon 2007.