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Cryptography in Web Apps, Nick Galbreath
2007-09-05 @ 18:30 - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant
Using Cryptography to Improve Web Application Performance and Security:
Cryptography has a reputation of slowing down applications. However if done
correctly, it can actually be used to improve performance by storing
high-value/high-cost results "in public." In addition the same techniques can
solve common security problems such as authorization, parameter scanning, and
parameter rewriting. All are welcome -- no previous experience with
cryptography is required, and the techniques will be presented in a
programming-language neutral format.
  • [Event Audio] (Generously recorded and processed by Nikolai Fetissov)

Speaker Biography

Nick Galbreath have been working on high performance servers and web security at various high profile startups since 1994 (most recently Right Media). He holds a Master degree of Mathematics from Boston University, and published a book on cryptography. He currently lives in the Lower East Side.