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The Real Unix Tradition, Isaac (.ike) Levy
2007-07-05 @ 18:30 EDT (22:30 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant
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"The Real Unix Tradition"

!!Please wear your your best shirt, a group photo-op will follow this month`s lecture!! UNIX hackers, all standing on the shoulders of giants.

"...the number of UNIX installations has grown to 10, with more expected..." - Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, June 1972 "Well, it was all Open Source, before anybody really called it that". - Brian Redman, 2003

UNIX is the oldest active and growing computing culture alive today. From its humble roots in the back room at Bell Laboratories, to todays global internet infrastructure- UNIX has consistently been at the core of major advances in computing. Today, the BSD legacy is the most direct continuation of the most successful principles in UNIX, and continues to lead major advances in computing.

Why? What`s so great about UNIX? This lecture aims to prove that UNIX history is surprisingly useful (and fun)- for developers, sysadmins, and anyone working with BSD systems.

Isaac (.ike) Levy is a freelance BSD hadker based in NYC. He runs Diversaform Inc. as an engine to make his hacking feed itself, (and ike). Diversaform specializes in *BSD based solutions, providing 'IT special weapons and tatics' for various sized business clients, as well as running a small high-availability datacenter operation from lower Manhattan. With regard to FreeBSD jail(8), ike was a partner in the first jail-based web hosting ISP in America, iMeme, and has been developing internet applications in and out of jails since 1999.

Isaac is a proud member of NYC*BUG (the New York City *BSD Users Group), and a long time member of the Lower East Side Mac Unix Users Group (