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Subversion, Ivan Ivanov
2007-02-07 @ 17:30 EST (22:30 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant

The presentation will discuss Subversion from both client and server points of view. It will show how to create repositories and how to make them accessible over the network using different access schemes like http://, file:// or svn://. Pointers are given on securing the repositories and on authenticating and authorizing the clients. Next, the presentation shows how an user interacts with the repository and describes some of the important Subversion client commands. Finally, it deals with administrating the repository using "hook scripts".

Ivan Ivanov is generally interested in Version Control Systems since his student years in Sofia University, Bulgaria, where he set up and maintained a CVS server for an academic project. When Subversion became a fact and proved to be "a better CVS" he researched it and last year deployed it for his NYC-based employer Ariel Partners. He intergrated the Subversion repositories with Apache Web Server over https to enable a reliable and secure way to access them from any point.