Meetings and Events

Open Forum, Open forum
2006-06-07 @ 18:30 EDT (22:30 UTC) - Suspenders Bar and Restaurant +

Once again, we are looking to alternate our technical presentation meetings with a more open format that we hope can reflect the vitality of our talk list.

This time, we have some speakers who will be giving short, ten minute presentations: Ray Lai, who just returned from the OpenBSD Hackathon, will be providing a summary of the event, including giving some insight into the code that was created at this annual happening.

Brad Schonhorst will pass-the-hat and let everyone know about the current BSD Certification User Group Competition for raising funds. A good number of NYCBUG members are active with the BSD Cerification process, and we are looking forward to a strong, community-based certification that could add to the popularity of the BSDs.

Mikel King, who recently added much needed juice into Daemon News-land, will speak about how we can make DN and BSDNews the CNN of the BSDs, and what you can do to help. Plus, well begin a discussion on NYCBSDCon, which this years will happen the second weekend in October. We are looking to have active involvement from people in NYCBUG and beyond.