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Challenges of large Unix environ, Hildo Biersma
2005-08-03 @ 18:00 EDT (22:00 UTC) - Apple Store (SoHo)

The firm I work at has a large Unix environment (over 5,000 servers) that are kept as identical as possible through the use of networked file systems to hold programs, combined with centralized large-scale administration tools.

The presentation will provide a minimal introduction of the environment, then focus on the challenges that this environment poses when integrating software, new hardware, or new operating systems. It will highlight both the pros and cons of open source software and OSes.

I expect a lively discussion of why *BSD and the ports system are not suitable, in their current form, to replace the Linux systems in use at our firm.

Hildo Biersma has worked at a large Wall Street firm since 2000 and uses open-source tools to manage commercial software products such as IBM MQSeries and DB2. Before 2000, he was a perl/Unix/C++ trainer and web consultant.