Meetings and Events

FreeBSD port maintenance, Yarema
2005-04-06 @ 18:00 EDT (22:00 UTC) - Apple Store (SoHo) +

Tutorial on port maintenance: Courier on FreeBSD: The entry point for many people into BSD is using the ports system to install and run just about any application one could ever want on a server. Yarema, yds at coolrat dot org, will give an in-depth tutorial on how he maintains the Courier port to FreeBSD. Yarema has worked out kinks with getting Postfix, Mulberry, and some Ruby libraries to build consistently and easily. He will go line-by-line through the makefiles and show the audience where to find the knobs and the documentation for features such as the interactive configuration menus. Emphasis will be placed on the "Big Daddy", which is 1/5 comments, 4/5 shell code. This will take you into the depths of the Makefile which is not covered in the Porter`s Handbook. After the talk Yarema will be taking questions and firing back answers... a rare opportunity for those interested.

After meetings, we customarily go to Denizen to discuss. Here is a map.