Meetings and Events

Anatomy of a Hack, Manos Megagiannis
2005-01-05 @ 17:00 EST (22:00 UTC) - Apple Store (SoHo)

Manos E. Megagiannis is the CEO of Totally Secure, a company dedicated to providing quality solutions and services for today's network security market. He is responsible for the conceptualization, design and implementation of security applications, as well as senior level consulting services.

Mr. Megagiannis has over 15 years of professional experience with Information Systems and Security in several key areas, including LAN/WAN architecture, voice and data communications, and commercial Internet solutions. He has consulted with many Fortune and Global 500 companies, pioneering technologies such as micro-payment systems, network storage, search engines, commercial video and audio broadcast, network security tools, and operating systems' internal components.