Meetings and Events

BSD Consulting, Wes Sonnenreich
2004-05-05 @ 18:30 EDT (22:30 UTC) - TekServe

While the meeting was somewhat smaller than usual, with about 35 people showing their faces for at least some of the meeting, the topic was narrow in its focus. Not everyone is a consultant or interested in the practical questions consultants face. Nevertheless, most people agreed after the meeting that the discussion and presentations were brilliant.

This wasn't some cheerleading session, it was filled with the good and bad realities that consultants face, particularly those performing *BSD related work. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions, Marc`s section on using the ports system was cut short due, but we can plan to have a meeting exclusively based on the ports system at some point in the near future. And once again, a big thank you to Tekserve, who provided us space and were very gracious hosts.