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2013-03-06 - BeagleBone with FreeBSD, Brett Wynkoop
18:45, Suspenders Bar and Restaurant
  • [Event Audio] (Generously recorded and processed by Nikolai Fetissov)

Speaker Bio

Brett Wynkoop fell in love with computers while a Freshman at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, where he almost flunked out his first term by spending too much time playing with Dartmouth Time Sharing on a model 33 teletype at 110 baud, instead of studying marine engineering and navigation.

His first Unix job was administering an AT&T Dimension PBX which used tape for random took a long time! His first BSD experience was on a PDP 11/70 and he has been a BSD lover ever since.

His once wrote a web server in /bin/sh, just because he could

He was a member of the technical staff at BSDI and is currently a systems engineer with the Internet Systems Consortium and is working on the BIND 10 project.